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Watch What You Say

Have you ever just sat back and observed the things around you? the people? Have you ever noticed how we interact with one another and our environment? I am always amazed at how different we are and yet how similar we tend to be in our thoughts and actions.

Though we were raised in different homes and taught different values, we would still react the same way in a dilemma. Though we may have two different beliefs, we agree on what’s right and what’s wrong. Though we may look different, we still have one thing in common–our humanity, but most importantly, our Creator.

I was searching through the scriptures the other day when I stumbled onto a verse that stood out from all the rest on that particular page.

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth, but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” [Ephesians 4:29 KJV]

As I read the above verse, I fell back in awe. There I was working on a project and I stood at a standstill, because that verse spoke directly to me, to my calling as a communications professional. Then I quickly reminisced on how essential it is for Christians to reform the way we communicate God’s word to those of the world. As we witness the end of days, we have seen the morality of the world deteriorate. It’s practically non-existent. Now would be the most opportune time for Christians to minister and spread the gospel. Sadly, we are nowhere to be found.

Is it because we’re still trying to get through our study guide, “The Bible for Dummies?” Or maybe it’s because we’re still doing damage control from the last time we did outreach? How did you approach your neighbor, with judgmental eyes or an open heart?

There are so many ways to communicate with one another, aside from the words that come out of our lips. Our eyes and body language also express our thoughts. What signals are you giving to those who don’t know Him? Aside from your knowledge of the bible, what are you telling non-believers about Christ?

I remember a few months ago when God inspired me with a shocking thought. Have you ever found yourself caught up in the headlines? Have you ever watched entertainment news, trying to figure out who’s who in Hollywood? Who broke up? Who’s hiding secrets? Ever wondered who was doing their pr, because they weren’t doing such a great job to save their client’s public image or reputation?

Now imagine if we were publicists and your client was Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Would they say the same about you? Would non-Christians boldly state that there was no comment from Christ’s publicist? If you were under pressure, would you be ready to speak out for Him? Would you stutter? or cower? Or would you stand firm and proclaim that God is an everlasting god who is the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the Lord of everything and everyone?

Time is running out. We will all be faced with a life-changing decision. Whose side will you be on, Christ or Satan?

Watch what you say, because the world is watching and so is He. We have a job to do and we owe it to Him to do it well.

Kristia M. Beaubrun


Source: http://www.hebronfrenchsda.wordpress.com


Victory Through Relationship

Praising & worshiping God when we are going through trials exemplifies faith. Faith is the key, but God’s power is what opens up the door of victory. But without RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD, praise, worship and faith won’t even be an option that we would consider to give God and if we do they will be empty praise, worship & faith.

Relationship is everything to God, He strongly desires to have one with all who claim Him as their God and their father. He boldly expressed to the Israelites in Exodus 20, the importance of relationship, especially in Exodus 20:5, where He clearly tells us that He is a jealous God that does not want to share His relationship with us with any other created thing that we ATTEMPT to put on the same level with Him. Our praise at our lowest point gives God an opportunity to Show Up and Lift us UP!! Hope you can get excited just thinking about that!

If we look at the scriptures we can see this spirit of praise and worship at a person’s lowest points, through many of God’s people. Let’s consider Paul & Silas in Acts 16:16-34. It begins with Paul and Silas healing an evil possessed woman in the name of Jesus, and her masters, who were Roman, moments after, brought them to the magistrates/courts accusing Paul and Silas of bringing trouble to their city because they were teaching customs that were unlawful for Romans to receive. Basically they rejected the name of Jesus and it’s power and as a result persecuted those who believed in Jesus and were His followers. Paul and Silas were stripped, beaten, and shackled in prison. Verse 25 of Acts 16 tells us at midnight these men of God prayed and sang praises unto God.

Because of their relationship with God, they knew His power. Because of their relationship with God, they knew He was more than able and willing to take them through even this test. Moreover, I believe that because of their relationship with God they prayed & praised with a declaration of  “Lord, I’ll trust You and praise You regardless of what I go through!” Their worship shifted the atmosphere. The bible tell us that the other prisoners heard and suddenly an earthquake occurred that shook the foundation of the prison which caused the doors of every prison cell to be open and all bands were loosed!! Praise God! Not only were they free, but the keeper of the prison was free as well, because he fell on his face asking them what He can do to be saved and they told him about Jesus, he believed and was saved!

Praying, praising & singing to God in the midst of our trials and regardless of our tests is the key that God empowers to unlock the door of victory. There are times we may feel that our situation is so severe that it cannot be changed. We may get so discouraged that we believe that we are chained or in bondage to our trials, our tests, our sins, our stuff, etc. However, what imprisons you must not deter you, because God is greater than your situation. God’s power can break any chain and open any door for His will (which is best for you) to be done in your life!

So, praise God through the good, the bad, the happy & the sad. You can thank Him in advance for what you need him to bring you through because when you take the time out to consider His works in your life HE HAS COME THROUGH BEFORE AND IS MORE THAN WILLING AND ABLE TO DO IT AGAIN!

Thanks for reading and remember God loves you.

Author: Jenifer Vilfranc-Wilcher