Age is just a number!

“None are so sinful that they cannot find strength, purity, and righteousness in Jesus, who died for them.” Steps to Christ, p. 35

Age is just a number. When the time comes for God to call His children, He calls for young and old! God does not discriminate. We all were made differently so of course God knows when His calling is appropriate in His children’s lives. David being the youngest of eight, was chosen to leave his flesh and to walk with the Spirit of the Lord after being anointed with oil (1 Samuel 16:13). God also called King Josiah at the young age of 8! Such irony! King Josiah followed the voice of God to rule the land of Jerusalem (2 Chronicles 34). God had chosen these two young hearts, but God too did call Nicodemus, the young in heart, to be reborn and to walk in His Spirit. If we were to compare the ages of Nicodemus and David, the difference would be pretty large, nés pa? God knows exactly when to “hire labourers into his vineyard” (Matthew 20:1) because He knows when you are capable and ready.  Noah was past two hundred years old when constructing the Ark like God called Him to.  Noah and Nicodemus were rich in age, scientifically meaning today that their bone marrows were subjected to weaken. But who cares about what the bodies says! When God calls, it is best that we respond! Not respond, because you have made a deal with the Father, but respond because you have a true relationship with the Father where you are able to submit me, myself and I to Him.

We tend to complain about what God wants us to do, but do you know how grateful we should be to even hear the Holy Ghost speak to us? It was said that each time Ellen G. White felt the Holy Spirit speak or working through her, automatically she gave praise unto Him! It’s only fair to give thanks to the Holy Spirit for dwelling in worthless sinners like us. I urge you to not sleep on the work of the Lord; for He can even dwell and work in a toddler, if He wanted to! My friend, do not miss out on your calling to leave behind the lusting flesh to be filled with the fruitful Spirit! If 8-year-old Josiah can do it, and if Jesus did it, so can you.

~Let’s get personal~
This week reflect on if you have answered your call. If not, what is it that’s hindering you? A worldly possession? What is it that keeps you away from constant prayer? In order to be safe in the arms of the Savior eternally we must flee from evil and seek the love of God. Then and there, we know we are secured from all evil.

If you have answered your call, I pray that the Lord is blessing you through out the long journey and that you stay firm and never give up on Him.

Don’t delay. What you think we have, is almost finished and that is time. God bless.

Read John 3: 1-7; Gen 7:1-6

Thanks for reading and remember God loves you. Be blessed!

Author: Rachel Isnady


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  2. Hey, i think you visited my website so here i am!.I am looking for ways to add things to my blog!Is it ok if i use some of the things i saw here?!

  3. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so here i am!.I am looking for ways to add things to my blog!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!