Brokenness and Fulfillment

What does it mean to be broken and how can we trust God to fill the void?

Brokenness is defined something or someone that has been reduced to fragments, ruptured, torn, violated and weakened in strength, spirit, etc.

Brokenness causes broken souls to feel empty and on what seems like a never-ending and damaging search to fill a void within their souls.

They fall into situations that bring dire pain that could have been prevented if they were whole. They are often more likely to become drug addicts, promiscuous, chain-smokers, and engage in other destructive behaviors.

They have temporary fulfillment but never find the everlasting fulfillment that they are so desperate for. Many of these broken souls are not only unbelievers, but they are amongst our church families. It may be you or me.

Instead of seeking help and guidance in THE ONLY ONE who can fulfill them, our egos, pride, and fear of shame keep us in denial and unwilling to address our brokenness. THE ONLY ONE, HOLY ONE wants to fulfill the needs of His children. He is waiting at the door for His children to knock and come in. The word has so much evidence of His willingness and capability to remove our brokenness and fulfill us.

In Isaiah 65:1-24, the Lord talks about loving and being open to a rebellious people. His elite and chosen were amongst these people and He desired to bless them abundantly. God sees these people just as he sees us that are broken, but He will separate His chosen from the rest to fulfill their needs and bless them accordingly. God’s elect are not perfect, they have their issues, but through it all they seek God and won’t let go as Jacob did (Genesis 32:36) until He blesses them. In the beginning of Genesis 32, Jacob cries out to God with humility.  He acknowledges that he’s not worthy of God’s mercy, but in faith and with a willing spirit he comes at the foot of God in spite of “his stuff” or “his brokenness.”

Going back to Isaiah 65:24, God declares that before we call on Him, He will answer and even in the midst of our speaking (our tears, our shame, our pain, our brokenness) HE WILL HEAR US! Isn’t it amazing to know that we serve a God who knows everything about us, our inner thoughts, fears, and our brokenness? In Jeremiah 18: 1-10, God instructs Jeremiah to go to the potter’s house and God will cause him to hear His words. God showed Jeremiah that He will mold His people just as the potter molded the clay. He will make His people fulfill the purpose that He has for them and bless them! God can bless all of us too if we trust him, love him wholeheartedly accept Jesus as our Savior and be obedient to His commandments. God will renew our minds and spirit, break that evil spirit of brokenness and fill the void that no other person or thing could ever fill.

Thanks for reading and remember God loves you. Be blessed!

Author: Jenifer Vilfranc-Wilcher


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